Gallery 1957

Art Gallery, Accra


Ghana’s first fully-fledged commercial art institution, Gallery 1957, in one swoop propels the country’s already rich art scene to new highs of hip. Launched on March 6th, Ghana Independence Day, its inception is a nod to Ghana’s history, and an important step toward its creative future.

Gallery 1957 raises the bar for Ghanaian art on a number of levels; for a start pure presentation. The 140 sq. metre clean white space is a perfect blank canvas for the multi themed and textured works that are set to fill its walls. What is more, the correct lighting enables one to truly appreciate the finer details of the pieces.

Accessibility is also a defining feature of Gallery 1957. It is located within the sparkling new Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel in downtown Accra, whose common areas are already abundant with a vast collection of contemporary African art. Meaning that those pressed for time are able to catch a glimpse of the best of Ghanaian art without having to traipse the city. Gallery 1957 is also open to the general public.

The gallery’s roster of artists and upcoming exhibitions has been scrupulously selected to represent, in an uncompromising fashion, only the very best of Ghanaian artistic talent. The inaugural exhibition presented the works of acclaimed artist Serge Attukwei Clottey, whose works contemplate both ethereal and political themes.



Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel, Downtown Accra

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