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Cities the world over are littered with joints claiming to be “the best pizza in town.” Well in Col’cacchio’s case, these claims may just be true. In fact, we are not sure anyone eats pizza anywhere else in Cape Town!

Col’cacchio is the pizzeria of all pizzerias, catering to any food allergies or fusses one might have. The wood oven baked pizzas are gluten free and low carb – although this by no means prevents them from being delicious. Health nuts, vegetarians, vegans and meat-lovers can all come together in perfect harmony and share a slice amongst friends. In addition to the classic toppings, try Col’cacchio’s extra fancy ingredients, from butternut squash, gorgonzola, beef biltong, de-boned smoked pork ribs etc. – all super fresh!

Col’cacchio has multiple branches around the city, and across the Western Cape region, as well as in other prominent South African cities.

Camps Bay, Cape Town

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