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While Africa is not an entirely new destination on the global surf scene, until fairly recently many prime spots on the continent were left off the radar, or restricted to only the most intrepid of surfer dudes. In recent years, however, a whole new swathe of sites have emerged as bonafide surf destinations for surfers of all levels. Africa offers a number of locations where the waves are uncrowded and unexploited.

What is more, African surf has of late become ‘Trendy’, dare we even say fashionable – with homegrown swimwear brands such as Nigerian Òkun, and Senegalese Bantu Wax, rocking up stylish African inspired beach and surfwear that can be worn on or off the board.

Hip Africa gives you some of the most happening surf destinations across Africa:




One of Senegal’s claims to surfing fame is that it was featured in cult surf movie The Endless Summer. However this is by no means the only reason it’s a hip destination.

Both within and nearby Senegal’s capital, Dakar, are well known surfing spots, which one could well check out at the same time as enjoying a city break.

Closest to the city you have the rustic N’GOR ISLAND, home to the N’gor Island Surf Camp.

If you decide to venture a little out of town head to the ALMADIES PENINSULA, and the likes of Yoff Beach.


Throughout Ghana the sea is mostly too rough to swim, but can often make it perfect surf material.

A hotspot that has emerged in recent years is BUSUA BEACH, in South Western Ghana, close by to the town of Takoradi. Busua plays host to Africa’s first surf shop – the Black Star Surf Shop, as well as a surf camp.




Dotted along the turquoise coastline of Mozambique are many potential surf beaches.

Of the already established spots, the most popular is PONTA DO OURO, both a short distance from the capital city Maputo as well as the border of South Africa. The surfing community is fairly developed here, with a fair amount of shops and accommodation options.

In the South of the country specific areas around IMHAMBANE, such as Barra Beach and Tofinho, also make for great for great surf – Mozambican style.

South Africa

As the continent goes, it would be fair to say that South Africa has the most mature surf culture.

It also happens that the country’s two most prominent coastal cities can also be counted as surf cities.

In CAPE TOWN some of the best waves, and vibes, can be found at laid back Muizenberg, recommended as a good location for beginners.

On the East coast, the up and coming city of DURBAN serves up some great surfing beaches and reefs.




Morocco lays claim to one of the most famous surf spots in Africa. The small fishing village TAGHAZOUT, just north of Agadir, offers an abundance of waves, and has been a popular spot among Europeans since the 1960s. When you’re not surfing at Taghazout you may discover the charms of this ancient berber town.


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