A stack of colorful cloth for sale at a West African market
Where To Snap up African Cloth

Hot off the catwalks, London, Paris, and particularly Milan, African cloth is on the scene. Either pay in the hundreds for designer concoctions, or pop over to Africa, pick the cloth yourself, and get your very own couture creation sur-mesure.

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The Hip Wine Route

There is no shortage of charming accommodation, wine estates, and restaurants, in the towns and surrounding countryside that make up the Wine Route. We give you, however, the essential guide for the truly Hip Traveller.

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The Hip List

African art is rising.

For those discovering it anew, we welcome you to enjoy the beautiful, visually-stimulating and eclectic collections that African art brings.

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The Art of Haggling

The art of haggling is a skill that requires quick thinking, problem-solving, mathematics, confidence and speech, and both locals and visitors alike must master it in order to survive on the battlefield that is the African market place.

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Surf Scene Africa

While Africa is not an entirely new destination on the global surf scene, until fairly recently many prime spots on the continent were left off the radar, or restricted to only the most intrepid of surfer dudes. In recent years, however, a whole new swathe of sites have emerged as bonafide surf destinations for surfers of all levels. Africa offers a number of locations where the waves are uncrowded and unexploited.

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Sun Kissed

The weather varies greatly across Africa, from dry harmmertan winds in the North to muggy showers on the grasslands of the South. However wherever you find yourself on the continent you are likely to encounter vast amounts of sun of a high intensity, which – if we are not careful – can be dangerous for our skin.

Yoga practice. Woman doing Tree asana at sunrise
Luxury Yoga – Africa Style

From customised yoga safaris to luxury beach hideaways we select Africa’s most innovative, stylish and inspirational yoga retreats

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Lusaka in 36 Hours

Hip Africa presents the essential hip travel guide to Zambia’s capital city, Lusaka.

Les Sapeurs of Congo

“As long as heaven and earth exist, the rules of fashion will never end” – The opening line of the prayer of Les Sapeurs.

"African fashion luxury concept store Merchants on Long pops up at The Shop at Bluebird"..Pix by.Jon furniss.jon@jonfurniss.com.07710219616...
Hanneli Rupert’s Cape Town

Hanneli Rupert is the founder of South African luxury bag and accessories brand, Okapi, and the brains behind Merchants on Long, Cape Town’s original Hip boutique. Here she gives Hip Africa the lowdown on her home city.

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Capture Africa

Hip Africa presents the work of 8 photographers who have beautifully captured the nuances of Africa.

African Vibes in Paris

Paris is known and loved the world over as the land of berets, macaroons, the Mona Lisa, le Tour Effeil, and boulevards lined with classic architecture. It turns out that is also home to some extremely Hip African pockets.

colonial architecture
Africa’s Top Spots for Colonial Architecture

Africa’s colonial architecture is evocative, striking and above all diverse. Its western shores are marked by medieval Portuguese fortresses, colourful coastal enclaves and Parisian-style boulevards, all of which effuse a dark past as key sites for the transatlantic slave trade.

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Africa’s Superfood Superstars

Africa is abundant in nutritious wild plants, which you will certainly come across along your travels on the beautiful continent. From papaya to baobab, many of these plants are known to have therapeutic effects and African ‘superfoods’ are now commonly found in cupboards of health food obsessives across the globe.

Mille Collines
Africa Got Style

Africans have always had style. Not only do they produce bold and exciting prints that can either stand alone, or be fused with other fabrics, in order to create refreshing and cutting edge looks, they also rock Western attire with flair.

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Africa by Road

Crossing borders by car is sometimes the best option for getting around certain regions, given the non-existence of rail networks, and sometimes impractical flight schedules and routes.

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A Very Hip NYE

How to celebrate New Year’s in Cape Town By Hip Africa Cape Town has consistently been listed as one of the top global destinations for ringing in the New Year, and since 2016 has certainly been an eventful one. We have put together a few recommendations to help you make the most of the Mother City and put your best foot forward into 2017.

Marché de Tilène
9 Reasons To Visit Senegal

When considering a trip to the continent of Africa, it is likely that you may imagine yourself checking out elephants and lions from a Land Rover, trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro, or doing some shopping in the colourful souks of Marrakesh. While all of those adventures are not to be missed, travellers seeking out an alternative yet equally enriching experience should consider checking out the West African country of Senegal.

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8 Ways You’ll Know You’ve Arrived

Africans take their mobile phones very seriously – they are both a medium for doing business, as well as feverish Facebooking, Tweeting, and of course chatting.

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2 days in Jo’burg

Hip Africa gives you a 36 hour guide to the city of Johannesburg.

Male lion walking on sand dune; panthera leo; Kalahari desert; South Africa
10 Common Fears about Travelling in Africa

I’ll get some exotic, terrifying disease
Highly unlikely of course. The recent Ebola scare dented African tourism despite being largely concentrated in three countries and particular communities. Africa, needless to say, is not a country – nor 3 countries. It’s actually 54 countries on a giant, diverse continent.