Nigeria Everything about Nigeria is extreme. The country has a staggering 175 million inhabitants, meaning that roughly one in every 7 Africans is a Nigerian. The population is also extremely diverse, with 250 ethnic groups, however The Hausa-Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba peoples make up the dominant component of Nigerian society. As for religion, Nigeria is …
Independence Arch commemorates freedom of Ghanians from British Empire
 Ghana Ghanaians certainly know how to live the good life. Throughout the country there is upbeat music, great food, heart-warming laughter and a general laid-back attitude, so laid back that one of the national mottos happens to be “Haste Not In Life.” But don’t be fooled, Ghanaians are also very serious and diligent folk, with …
 Kenya Kenya is synonymous with the image of Africa at its wildest. Its vast horizon and undulating landscapes are host to one of nature’s grandest spectacles. Kenya is the home of the Maasai Mara game reserve, where gigantic herds and iconic creatures dominate the land. This breathtaking experience is what draws in many of the country’s …
 Senegal Senegal is known as one of Africa’s most easy-going places to visit. It is politically stable, mostly safe, affable and highly accessible: for most Europeans it is a 5 to 6 hour flight, there is no need for a visa, and no jet lag. However practicality aside, Senegal is an aesthetic feast for the …
South Africa
 South Africa A trip round South Africa can feel like a trip around a whole continent. It’s unusual that in just one country you can tour the longest wine route in the world, do the highest bungee trip, swim with sharks, watch a lion take down an antelope, chill with penguins, visit world class museums …